10 Things You Can Make and Sell Today

Everyone’s out to make a quick buck. And until recently – it’s been very hard to legitimately do so (online, anyway). Fortunately, there’s a new kid on the block: Gumroad.

Gumroad LogoWhat is Gumroad? Gumroad (Gumroad.com) is a brand new platform to sell content online – with no monthly fees, no dauntingly high transaction fees, complicated fine print or messy user interface. But I’m not getting paid by Gumroad for this product placement – so let them promote their fantastic service to you themselves!

As for the reason you first began reading this article – lets dig in to the following 10 things you can make and sell today!

1. Templates – On this site I have provided access to four different templates I’ve created, and they can all be found on Gumroad. For example, you can sell a cover letter or resume template, a Facebook Timeline Cover Template, a do-it-yourself FOID card photo template, a website template, a complex budgeting template, or a variety of others. You can make these templates on Word, Pages, or any of the popular Adobe Creative Suite applications (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator).

2. Photos – Are you a photographer? Do you have a collection of photos that could be used for commercial purposes (think brochures, websites, etc.)? If so, there are people that will be willing to buy those photos for the right price. And, instead of going through a middle-man like iStockPhoto, you can do it yourself with Gumroad. Try selling individual photos (if they’re truly unique and useful) or sell photo packs or photo bundles and neatly organize them inside of a .ZIP folder, for easy upload to Gumroad.

3. Songs & Lyrics – Do you have your own band? Just yourself and a guitar? If you’ve got the chops or you can woo your friends with your guitar playing, chances are you can reach a whole new audience online – and sell your work yourself! Do you love writing song lyrics? Sell them!

4. Garageband / Audio – If you’re a musician and use the popular Mac software Garageband, chances are you could sell your creations to others. For example, if you have really cool instrumental tracks or tracks that could use some vocals, let someone else use your unfinished work themselves! Creating great instrumental music for people that don’t have a band – but just have their voice – is a great way to not only make a name for yourself but to help others make a name for themselves! (Think karaoke?)

5. Video – Have silly short films? Why not make one right now? Market your video to the right audience and they could take your video off your hands for the right price! Church groups, organizations and start-ups are all interested in finding that perfect video. If you don’t have what they’re looking for, ask them how you could!

6. Written work (E-book, lyrics, how-to guides) – People drop a few dollars on Ebooks all of the time. And, it doesn’t have to be on the Apple or Kindle store to be an E-book. Just whip up a stylish document and save it as a .PDF and you’re ready to start selling it (.PDFs look great on the iPad, by the way)!

7. Source code – Are you a computer nerd? Do you mess around with HTML or javascript or CSS for your own personal website? Why not sell some of your best work?

8. Logos / Graphics / Illustrations – If you love Adobe Photoshop, or any one of the Creative Suite products, you’re automatically qualified for this one. Sell your creative work! Showcase your best logo concepts, and sell them! If the buyer wants something changed, change it for them! You can start your own graphic design studio from your home laptop with a bit of patience and hard work. Any logos, graphics or illustrations are remarkably simple to sell on Gumroad.

9. Your best blog posts – If you have great content (unpublished is even better), why not sell it? Instead of adding to your own blog, provide samples of what your for-sale article/blog post is about and make it available to sell! You can either sell it free of ownership rights (meaning it’s theirs to put their name on) or request that they publish it and provide a link to your site or note about you below the content.

10. Tangible goods – Do you already sell things on another platform? Are you an avid eBay seller? Do you have a warehouse full of shake weights? Sell your tangible goods on Gumroad, too! You can require that visitors provide shipping information before they checkout, supposing what you sell to them will need to be shipped. The transaction fees on Gumroad are some of the lowest around, and you can’t beat the user interface and simplicity of the siteGumroad Logo - Big