Top 10 Android Apps Every Student Must Have

When you go to college, anything that you can do to make your life easier is a good thing. The number of useful Android apps for college students grows exponentially every day. Picking which ones are actually useful is not an easy task, but the top ten most useful are listed here:

1. Evernote
If you have only one app for college, this is the app to have. It has additions you can put on to turn it into a flash card app, you can take photos of your teacher’s white board, take notes during class, organize all of the information together, and then review everything when you get home.

College will never be the same again with Evernote on the job.

2. Dropbox
Consider Dropbox a memory stick for everything. Some teachers like it so much it ends up being how you turn in assignments. It will let you synchronize files from your computer to your phone and vice versa, and anything you put in the Dropbox cloud will sync up with all your devices.

3. Android Agenda Widget
No matter how smart you are, if you miss a test, you could very well fail the class. Having a schedule-planner that actually helps with that instead of just being one more thing to do is important, and Android Agenda Widget is that app.

4. Wolfram/Alpha
It costs four dollars, but is one of the best information apps in the world. Unlike Google, which is still only good for text-based questions, Wolfram will help you with math or science issues.

5. Camscanner
Imagine having a scanner anywhere and any time you want. That is Camscanner. Unlike your camera, which will take a photograph only, Camscanner will clean up the text and compile several images into a PDF document. That makes it better than some normal scanners!

6. Course Schedule
Judging between this app and Android Agenda Widget is difficult.  The latter is good for scheduling individual classes, but Course Schedule has you log in with your Facebook account, and also gives you a calendar on your home screen.

7. is a free multiple-purpose dictionary, with a thesaurus and about a dozen other additions.

8. handyCalc
This app comes with a scientific calculator, a graphing calculator, and a tutorial built in. It’s also free, and if you are a math major or a physical sciences major, this is an app you should have.

9.  Kingsoft Office
If your phone does not already have office software on it, this is the app for you.  It can handle up to twenty five formats and files larger than 100MB. Best of all, it’s free!

10. Google Places
While going to a local college may not change your surroundings too much, if you are going to college across the country, you are going to need to know where everything is. It’s free and will help you out immensely at finding new locations.

This article was written by Kole, a representative for the Electromechanical Technician Certificate Home Study Training Program ( at George Brown College in Toronto, Ontario.

  • Sam

    Thanks for posting these great apps; I’m going to send this link to my daughter when I get home from my shift at DISH. There is another great app that I made sure she had before she went off to school this year. I gave her the DISH Remote Access app. With it she can stream live TV or recordings from our Hopper DVR at home, and all she needs is a PC, phone or tablet with access to 3g, 4g or WIFI. This way she always has access to her favorite shows and movies, and I don’t have to foot the bill for her dorms cable service.