The Importance of Brand Continuity

If you sit down and really think about it, how many brand logos can you recognize and remember? Chances are that you can remember a lot, especially in this saturated market. These days’ companies have to be smart to catch the attention of a consumer and then keep that attention.  By creating a brand, a company is basically creating a whole identity, complete with a personality and face, something that makes them stand out from the crowd. So how can your business create a brand? And how important is it that your brand reflects your business? Here we will show you exactly how.

The foundation of your brand

The most important thing to start with is fulfilling the roles of your brand foundation. These are:

  • A consistent message that is delivered to the consumers, that describes what your company stands for.
  • Building and maintaining the perception you want consumers to have when it concerns your company.
  • Clearly communicating what product or service your company provides.

Now that you know the roles that you need to fulfil to establish your brand foundation, now you just have to apply the elements that make up these roles. These elements ensure that all members of your company can understand how to achieve strong brand continuity and how it should be communicated.

These elements are:

  • The purpose of the company and why it was initially established.
  • Where the company sees itself in the future and what it plans to achieve.
  • What the company stands for and its values.
  • How the company is unique compared to its competitors and how it expresses that uniqueness.
  • The personality and attitude of the company’s character

Expressing your brand

Once you’ve developed the foundation of your brand, now you can create a consistent strong brand that can cover all forms of social and marketing media. In this day and age, there are so many ways to establish your brand with minimum cost:

  • Social media sites are perfect for businesses that are just starting up. Try setting up a Facebook page or a Twitter feed, not only do you get your company out there, but you also get instant, first-hand feedback from your consumers letting you know how you can improve your business. Another good site to look into is, where you can connect with other business professionals in a modern form of networking.
  • If you fancy something a bit more traditional, advertising your business through newspapers and newsletter are a good way to get your brand known, but this can also get quite expensive. If you do plan to go down this route be sure to research your target audience and ensure they’re the type to read the paper regularly.
  • Business cards and other forms of stationary are also classic forms of branding. You never know who you’ll meet in everyday life, and having the ability to put your brand directly in their hands is essential. After all sometimes it’s who you know not what you know.

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