WordPress Blogs on Mobile Devices Get a Facelift

WordPress recently updated their standard look for mobile viewing, and it looks and functions noticeably better than it did before. The menu was moved to the very top, the fonts adjusted, and even the reply button is different. Everything got a little more stylish, functional, and easier to read. Of course, if you are still not a fan, you can turn off the mobile version of your site under Appearance -> Mobile.

Here’s how the BLEK homepage looks through a mobile device (sorry if you’re already viewing this on a mobile device!):

BLEK | Mobile View

WordPress always seems to be one step ahead. One thing I wish was different is that if you have nested menus, you cannot get to them via your mobile device. The MENU button only shows you the primary top-level pages/links. Another issue I have is with video advertisements displayed on mobile devices. On iOS devices, the videos ads are not centered properly:

BLEK | Mobile Ad

All things considered, the update was a significant improvement from the previous version. WordPress will work out the kinks eventually.