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Handy Tools for an E-Commerce Business

Thumbs UpWhen you run your own business online, remembering everything that needs to be done can be a daunting task. Whether it’s daily maintenance, analyzing how well your website is performing or simply remembering to order more supplies, even the simplest tasks can be overlooked when you’re constantly busy.

There are thankfully a truckload of handy tools out there that you can use, on tablet, PC and smartphone platforms, so that you can keep everything in check and avoid any disasters. We’ve tried and tested the best tools for anyone running an online business so that you can put cruise control on and take a breather. Continue reading

The Importance of Brand Continuity

If you sit down and really think about it, how many brand logos can you recognize and remember? Chances are that you can remember a lot, especially in this saturated market. These days’ companies have to be smart to catch the attention of a consumer and then keep that attention.  By creating a brand, a company is basically creating a whole identity, complete with a personality and face, something that makes them stand out from the crowd. So how can your business create a brand? And how important is it that your brand reflects your business? Here we will show you exactly how. Continue reading

How To Get New Clients – Made Simple

Clients | BLEKI go to a lot of trouble to get a new client.

For example: Last week I took a day out and flew to Sydney to speak at a Vets conference to promote an upcoming marketing series I’m running for Sydney University’s post graduate Vet division.

I was the last speaker and stayed on after the talk to answer every question of every person who approached me. Continue reading

Public Relations and Advertising: How They Differ

Did you know that public relations is different from advertising? This fact is often reiterated in numerous publications and textbooks, however, it is still very easy to confuse both terms – especially when they both involve promotion and publicity.

To emphasize the difference between advertising and public relations, let us explore what each really means. Continue reading