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NRA Ad Before President Obama’s Speech on Gun Control

Fox News’ live stream of President Obama’s remarks on gun control Wednesday afternoon was prefaced by an advertisement by the National Rifle Association titled ‘Law Enforement Disagrees with President Obama and Mayor Bloomberg.’

Many viewers were obligated to view the video before the live stream would begin. President Obama’s gun control speech was delivered in response to a new background check deal defeated in the Senate the same day. Polls prior to the decision by Congress showed that the bipartisan-backed bill was supported 90%.

The NRA advertisement was uploaded to Youtube on April 16, 2013, with nearly 40,000 views by the end of President Obama’s remarks at the White House.

NRA Gun Control Ad

BMW Meteor Photo Too Soon?

BMW of North America sent out a newsletter via email on February 28, 2013 discussing the BMW Olympic Bobsled, DriveNow, and more. Just 13 days earlier, a meteor plummeted down and exploded above Russian soil, injuring over 1,000 people. Regardless, BMW decided to include this photo in the newsletter:

BMW Newsletter - Meteor

Does this have anything to do with the meteor event on February 15, 2013 in Chelyabinsk or the DA14 asteroid near-miss hours later? Probably not. Is the photo a bit too soon? Probably.

The Importance of Brand Continuity

If you sit down and really think about it, how many brand logos can you recognize and remember? Chances are that you can remember a lot, especially in this saturated market. These days’ companies have to be smart to catch the attention of a consumer and then keep that attention.  By creating a brand, a company is basically creating a whole identity, complete with a personality and face, something that makes them stand out from the crowd. So how can your business create a brand? And how important is it that your brand reflects your business? Here we will show you exactly how. Continue reading

Apple Isn’t Cool Anymore

iPhone 4More and more people are jumping on the “Apple isn’t cool anymore” bandwagon every day. The reason? We pull for the underdogs. Apple was an underdog for most of its career, behind Microsoft and other technological giants that were far ahead. But now Apple is on top with the best-selling smartphone and integrated OS package ever created. Apple is not an underdog anymore.

Western culture largely believes that the up-and-comings are the ones to follow, and the super companies (now Apple) are just waiting to be dethroned. A decade ago (even five years ago) someone with a Mac was a different type of person – eccentric, weird, or left-brained, or something like that. The Apple ecosystem was small, and someone that was an early Apple adopter was unique. Now, everybody has an Apple product, so the coolness factor is significantly lower.

Samsung has become the smartphone underdog with its Samsung Galaxy S III, which is the iPhones top competitor, and poses a serious threat to Apple’s marketshare and sales. Thousands of people have jumped off the Apple bandwagon (or never got on) and tout the excellence of Samsung, Google’s Android, and similar innovators. Apple isn’t cool anymore – these other companies are.

Studies and market research confirm that the general customer’s consensus of the Apple brand is changing. Teens and 20-somethings were recently surveyed and the results showed that, basically, Apple isn’t cool anymore. If a company isn’t “cool” it can get in some hot water real quick. Apple is no newcomer to hot water. Apple’s native Maps application was a flop as far as most are concerned. Foxconn in China has suffered some horrible PR, and rightly so. Steve Jobs is gone, upper-management has seen some significant restructuring, and stock prices have fallen from record highs for many months. Every move that Apple makes is under tough and tight scrutiny.

So what will happen next? Will Apple dazzle consumers with their iPhone 5S and/or iPhone 6? Will we get a real Apple Television, Apple Radio, or an Apple Watch? What do Google, Microsoft, and other competitors have up their sleeves? Apple won’t be here today and gone tomorrow, but the company’s future and its dominance as the world’s most-valued company is uncertain. For one thing, we know that in many consumers’ minds, Apple just isn’t cool anymore.

What will be cool in 2013? Certainly not Google Glasses.

Public Relations and Advertising: How They Differ

Did you know that public relations is different from advertising? This fact is often reiterated in numerous publications and textbooks, however, it is still very easy to confuse both terms – especially when they both involve promotion and publicity.

To emphasize the difference between advertising and public relations, let us explore what each really means. Continue reading

Why Moderating Your Comments Is Hurting You

Comment Awaiting ModerationIf you use any of the popular blogging services out there like WordPress or Blogger, you know that comments on your posts (and other visitor interactions) are very important.

You probably also know that you have the option to either moderate comments before they go live on your site, or allow comments to go live as soon as they are submitted.

I strongly recommend making it so that comments DO NOT need to be moderated before they are posted. Why? Because this opens up conversation. Without moderation, dialog can happen in real time; if you moderate your comments, you lose your dialogue.

If you’re worried about spam, don’t be. On WordPress, for example, the powerful Askimet spam filter moves any spam-like comments directly into your spam folder before they even post to your site.

If you’re worried about mean, upset and hateful customers or visitors, you need to let them speak their mind. If you’re running a good blog, organization, or whatever, your negative feedback will be greatly outnumbered by positive feedback. It’s important that visitors see both sides of the story – from there, they can make up their mind as to whether or not they like you.

So, as mentioned before, moderating your comments is hurting you by eliminating free-flowing conversation and dialogue. Also, moderating comments hurts you because your visitors will know that you keep a tight rein over what IS and what IS NOT said on your blog. Nobody likes censorship.