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WordPress Blogs on Mobile Devices Get a Facelift

WordPress recently updated their standard look for mobile viewing, and it looks and functions noticeably better than it did before. The menu was moved to the very top, the fonts adjusted, and even the reply button is different. Everything got a little more stylish, functional, and easier to read. Of course, if you are still not a fan, you can turn off the mobile version of your site under Appearance -> Mobile. Continue reading

WordAds Control Panel is Changing

If you’re a user of WordPress’s WordAds in the United States, you may notice that your control panel looks slightly different than it did a few days ago.

WordPress recently added a new section to the WordPress Earnings panel which now tells you how many impressions you received for a given month. The impressions are only available from September on, so your impressions in the previous months are shown as N/A – Not Available.

This change may or may not have an effect on payout. Some things to keep in mind is that there are different payout percentages by region (the U.S. has the best payout) and payout may be on a sliding scale. The WordAds team is very good at responding to questions and comments, so if you want to know how something works, just ask.

See the WordAds FAQs and find out some additional ways to make money on WordPress.

Make Money on WordPress

Do you have less than 1,000 page views per month? If so, this article probably isn’t for you – just yet.

If you’re still reading, you need to understand that there are reasons why WordPress is both the best blogging platform in the world and also the most restrictive. WordPress is the best because it’s simple, intuitive, customizable and just works. The WordPress team has worked long and hard perfecting the art of blogging, and they provide the best blogging experience available. Period. However, WordPress is restrictive in terms of absolute freedom. To change CSS, fonts and certain colors, you have to pay for a $30 custom design upgrade. Also – many HTML scripts and other web code are blocked or restricted from use on your WordPress hosted website.

Here are 10 Things You Can Make and Sell Online Today!

WordPress.com websites are very restricting as far as setting up monetization. WordPress does this for two reasons: (1) It wants to keep the focus on blogging and (2) it wants to make more revenue from your site than you do. WordPress doesn’t allow you to use Google AdSense code or a variety of other monetization tools like auto-generated in-text links. WordPress displays minimal ads on your website (mostly to non-WordPress users) for their own revenue. You can pay a yearly price to get those ads taken off. Continue reading

Why commenting on other blogs is absolutely necessary

Nearly all blogging experts say that you MUST comment on other blogs to grow. I have never tried this approach. Really, I have never wanted to spend the time to try and find people that have similar interests that I do in the blogging world. It always seemed so daunting and time consuming. But today, I gave it my first try.

I posted a comment on two graphic design blog posts, and two blog posts discussing Apple. I didn’t say anything mind-blowing, but I raised questions that I thought of while I was reading their posts. Sure enough, within a few minutes, a received a response from two of the authors.

I’ve yet to reap any tangible benefits from stirring up discussion on other people’s blogs, but I can already say that commenting on other people’s blogs is absolutely vital if you want to be a successful blogger. No one has all the answers, and if you aren’t busy seeing what others are writing about, how do you expect to continue to produce relevant, interesting and fresh content?

Blogging is all about opinions and debates. Starting a discussion gets those two elements stirring again. If you don’t know where to look to find a good blog to take a glance at, don’t worry. I’m an avid fan of WordPress, and have to recommend their awesome ‘read’ tool. If you have never tried, click here to give it a go. You pick a topic, and instantly see all of the latest posts about that topic.


Does WordPress use Google Analytics?

While skimming the source code for my WordPress.com hosted site (millersam.com) I found that there are some Google Analytics lines included in the code.

<script type="text/javascript"> 
 window.google_analytics_uacct = "UA-52447-2"; 

Does this mean WordPress uses Google Analytics as the backbone of their own analytical program? WordPress support clearly states that users cannot setup Google Analytics on their WordPress.com sites. Is that because they already have a Google Analytics ID assigned to our accounts?

Hopefully someone can help answer these questions!

You’re on WordPress – Goodbye SEO Salesman!

If you are running a WordPress-hosted website, don’t pay another cent to that chump who handles your “SEO Optimization.” In fact, stop reading about SEO Optimization, too. WordPress has you covered.

These SEO guys and gals are often self-proclaimed online advertising gurus – or come from a big, greedy company – and they all claim that their services will help your website reach the top of search results with a good deal of under-the-hood work on their part. Talk about a scam! Continue reading